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Seddonendo, Practice Limited to Endodontics


General Information

The year taking shape

CPR already done,  next up for me is a unique course being run by  at London Heathrow. 

This course is delivered by industry leading experts with backgrounds in dentistry, aviation and psychology.

This one-day informative, interactive and engaging course has been designed for dentists, by dentists and aviation professionals, to showcase how lessons learnt from aviation can be applied within a dental context to improve patient safety and reduce human error.  You will be taught best practice models that pilots have been successfully applying for decades to reduce stress, manage high work load and problem solve under pressured conditions to produce favourable outcomes.

Courses and meetings

Delighted to have attended the exclusive International Academy of Endodontists meeting in Scottsdale USA in June 2018.  Was my third time at this meeting and it's simply phenomenal, especially as there was only one other UK delegate.

We are also excited to both be going to the TDO User Meeting in San Diego in October.  I am particularly looking forward to hearing the world famous Physcologist Gerd Gigerenzer speak about decision making. 

Well, back now from a superb meeting in San Diego,  chatting with clinicians from Mexico, Brazil, Canada,  USA, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and of course some from UK.  It's great to get varied opinions on things and not be stuck to just one way of thinking and treating. 

This was a remarkable meeting, and confirms that we really do need to put the patient first and read our scientific literature with great care, and not simply believe the first thing we are told.  Too many mistakes are being made by people using new materials and techniques with no evidence of improved patient outcome.

Dr Seddon has just returned from Saudi Arabia.  There he delivered 4 hands on courses to Saudi Endodontists in 3 cities, reaching an audience of over 270 dentists.  He also visited dental practices and offered one on one training for specialists in endodontics.  He worked in a Military Hospital, including an audience with Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Implantolgists and Restorative consultants, all eager to hear what he had to say.  It was a very rewarding, and exhausting visit, and hopefully he will return next year to do more teaching, and also add some live patient demonstrations in hospitals in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.  

For a general travel review of the Saudi Trip, you can read more here.

Middle East tour 2018

Some pictures from recent courses,  the Saudi courses were going on until after midnight such was the interest in the microscope based techniques being taught.  Very positive reviews from the delegates and organisers, and already we are planning a return next year, and extending to Universities in Kuwait and Jordan.  Jaana , Dr Seddon's assistant, has also been asked to teach some courses on world class assisting in 4 handed microscope dentistry.