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Seddonendo, Practice Limited to Endodontics


General Information

A few examples of our digital documentation and type of cases we routinely deal with


Minimal tooth removal and Bioclear restoration

I've attended many conferences and events over the years , and the Bioclear system of resin injection is something I like to use whenever possible.  This case highlights why we don't need to cut big holes in teeth to do effective endodontic therapy,  and why crowns aren't always neccessary.  Sometimes a well made resin overlay with an excellent contact point is sufficient. 

David Clark , the man behind Bioclear has been an influence to me since first meeting him in 2006.  It's great to be able ask him directly for advice on cases and share thoughts at meetings.

Stepwise caries removal

Even with gross caries we only remove what is needed,  attention to restorative with use of V Ring and sectional matrix as an example of the type of attention to detail that is used when placing cores.  We have an air only Stropko on the ASI cart to ensure no contamination when using bonding agents.  

Stepwise removal cont

Completion of case ready for cusp covered restoration. 


Premolar re treat with apical bifurcation

GP and caries removal,  complete debridement of the system, and warm vertical condensation to find the true anatomical picture. 

Completion images

Lateral anatomy and the bifurcation all revealed.  


Apical curvature

Pre endo build up of mesial margin to enable better reservoir for irrigants.  Location and negotiation of MB2,  obturation and core build up.  Careful handling of the delicate apical curves. 


Multiple Molars

All on the same patient, yet to have his final restorative, but showing the consistency and predicatable results achievable.  Always concerned with providing as much remaining tooth as possible for the final restorative.  Microscope for 100% of the procedure and use of many specialised instruments for all cases.  


Post removal

Fractured metal post,  removed with maximum dentine conservation with Ultrasonics and a needle tube using the Cancellier Technique.  New post and core placed for immediate replacement of the crown.  


Pre op and initial GP removal.

Pain following inital endos,  second molar extracted between initial referral and patient seeing me due to caries.  

Re treatment

Most of what we do is re treatment cases.  Here, the second molar was extracted due to restorative reasons, and the first molar underwent multi visit re treatment with Calcium Hydroxide, and finally a bonded core was placed after obturation.