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Human Factors in Dentistry
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A superb day course at the BA Flight Training Centre at Heathrow in early March.  Human Factors in Dentistry and what we as a profession can learn from the aviation industry.  There was a lot of classroom work as well as 2 fantastic hours in the 16 million quid A320 simulator.  Pleased to say that by following instructions I landed it twice in one piece.  Hoping to be given the chance to put some of the things learned into general use in the practice.  We already do a lot in our own Seddonendo clinical setting without knowing it was called human factors, but v glad to know that what we do has a name, and is the correct thing to do!  Highly recomend the course by

Posted:  10/04/2019 07:50
Great article on Resorption

Too many times these things are written by academics with less clinical experience than thos of us out in the field.  Well not this time,  Mike Trudeau, a friend and talented colleague in Virginia, has written this excellent article on resorption.  I urge you to give it ten minutes of your time.  It's well worth it.

Posted:  10/04/2019 07:40
Back on the bike

New year = a new attitude and I've made a conscious effort to get some fitness back and lose some weight.  So far all is good and I've been putting in 6 - 7 hours a week on the turbo.  Once the clocks change I will brave the roads again and start commuting again on the bike.  

Posted:  09/02/2019 02:51
Recalls, so important
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Unless you recall as many patients as possible you don't know with any degree of confidence how your work is performing.  We recall regularly at 1 year, 5 years and whenever we can after that.  This was a 7 year re treatment recall that came to see me for another tooth.  We get a lot of people coming back for another tooth as they say they only want me to do any future endodontic treatment that is needed.  The images here speak for themselves,  are dated automatically by my great software, and show beatiful new bone growth around the roots.  

Posted:  09/02/2019 02:42
Goodbye Charles Street, hello Norfolk Row.

Seeing final patients at Charles Street today, and then continue the moving process.  To move an entire practice is not an easy task, and we are doing all we can to make this as smooth and fast as possible.  As soon as we are up and running our service will continue as normal, and we have already allocated sace for emergencies immediately after the relocation.  We think patients will find the new premises more fitting with our ethos and the quality of work we produce.  

Posted:  22/01/2019 01:04
Recent Courses

Been a busy October,  started with Jaana and I visiting San Diego for the annual TDO user meeting,  3 fabulous days of education and of course a chance to catch up with friends from all around the world.  Sad it was the last event at Paradise Point resort, but the meeting has become so successful it is moving to a bigger venue in downtown San Diego next year.  

After San Diego I was back in the practice for 3 days,  then off to Saudi Arabia to teach for 3 days.  Very much a journey into the unknown,  I've put a few pictures together here,,   suffice to say it was very different and I think I got about 8 hours sleep in 4 nights there!  Lots of travel and some great organisation from the team at

There's a general travel review of the Saudi trip posted here as well.

Posted:  20/10/2018 05:45
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Next week I shall be in a new city for me of Scottsdale Arizona for my third visit to the prestigious IAE meeting.  This really is a highlight for me as the quality of both delegates and speakers is outstanding.  2 full days of " All in" education covering a vast range of topics by world experts in their fields.  Will be great to see a lot of good friends as well from all around the globe.  I shall report back on the things that I will be using to improve my patient care.  It will be worth the 45 degree heat and 2 full days to get there and back!

Posted:  21/06/2018 11:22
Some thoughts on what we do!

This is taken from a forthcoming article to be published by Khademi, Clark and Kim

It's pretty much the way I have been practising for 15 years,  smaller shapes and access made possible with new instruments and proper microscope use, to preserve vital tooth tissue and retain teeth for longer.  Sometimes even doing nothing is the right thing to do!

We should accept a reasonable but limited
life expectancy for any treatment, and weigh such expectancy relative to the
invasiveness of the treatment and remaining options for future revision. Simply, our
treatment planning should have context. For instance, what is our confidence that an
implant restoration will last a lifetime in a 30 year old versus a 60 year old? Astute
clinicians are becoming increasingly aware of implant longevity and complications. The
pendulum is swinging back towards preservation and restoration of the natural tooth.
We need a shift in our professional expectations and modus operadi. Our patients’ life
expectancies are much longer, and our professional care for them will be a marathon.
We believe that this entails a focus on preservation of tooth structure, rather than
accelerating options towards terminal treatment.
Posted:  01/06/2018 00:17
Some skiing piccies
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Just to prove Jaana also made it onto the snow.  If she tells you she had a sore toe then it was something she failed to mention during the trip!  

Posted:  17/02/2018 07:51
Bioclear is go.
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So after the Bioclear course early Jan we had 2 weeks off away skiing in Canada.  Great fun with the family.  My son Guy took me cat skiing which was an awesome experience, if a little terrifying at times.  

On return I have just about got all the kit needed to do nice Bioclear posterior restorations,  so many referred teeth will be getting restored with these, hopefully preserving teeth for longer.  Here's some feedback I got from the man behind the concept David Clarke on sending him my first case.  I always try and share cases with the world's top people to get feedback and make sure what I am doing is a good as it can be.  The polish and contact points are immense.  It's designed to be a nice smooth restoration.  

Very pretty.  Let's hope it doesn't get a crown for a long time.  These pumpkin shell teeth derive their last bit of strength from the outside in. (That's a Jihyonism)  Just cover the cusps w 2mm of composite.  Which you have done.  

Strip away the outside with a full crown prep and the tooth is Biomechanically dead and now we pray for man made solutions to work.....ugh
So where will his fail?  where is the weakness?  I don't see one.
The contact area is grossly underappreciated in the traditional world.  It's where we put at least half of our focus.
I wonder how many endodontists would take the time and interest to to an endo-restorative Bioclear Hands -on Course? 


Posted:  17/02/2018 07:42
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