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Seddonendo, Practice Limited to Endodontics


General Information

Dr Bill Seddon at Gary Carr''s office in San Diego
Our Office provides top-notch patient care

Seddonendo is an independent small family run business dedicated to helping people keep their teeth through correct diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. We are very lucky to be trusted with the care of your patients, and only treat under instruction from other dentists. At the completion of treatment you will be returned to the care of your own dentist with specific instructions should any further treatment be needed such as a crown.  

CBCT in Sheffield

Dr Seddon has been familiar with CBCT in endodontics since it's first useage over a dozen years ago. We are delighted now to have a Carestream 8100 unit which seamlessly integrates with our imaging software and Dr Seddon is fully qualified to write the neccessary diagnostic reports associated with the scans.  


Cone Beam CT (computed tomography) scan provides for a high-resolution, three-dimensional image of your tooth and jaw. This helps in the diagnosis, planning, and treatment of your tooth. This technology uses minimal radiation.

It enables a level of anatomical understanding not possible with traditional dental x-rays. We are able to view microscopic sections of teeth and surrounding structures in all three planes: top to bottom, side to side, and front to back.



World renowned educators

Bill and Jaana are heavily involved in continuing education.  They have provided hands on courses for hundreds of dentists at home and abroad.  

Bill has spoken to many National Societies including the British Dental Association, British Endodontic Society, Indian Dental Association and the International Academy of Endodontics in the USA.

Bill has recently trained over 270 dentists in 3 cities in Saudi Arabia including Cosmetic Dentists, Specialist Endodontists, and Orthodontists. 

They both regularly attend ongoing training in the USA , and understand the need to keep their knowledge current through study of scientific literature, and interactive debate.