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Bioclear is go.
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So after the Bioclear course early Jan we had 2 weeks off away skiing in Canada.  Great fun with the family.  My son Guy took me cat skiing which was an awesome experience, if a little terrifying at times.  

On return I have just about got all the kit needed to do nice Bioclear posterior restorations,  so many referred teeth will be getting restored with these, hopefully preserving teeth for longer.  Here's some feedback I got from the man behind the concept David Clarke on sending him my first case.  I always try and share cases with the world's top people to get feedback and make sure what I am doing is a good as it can be.  The polish and contact points are immense.  It's designed to be a nice smooth restoration.  

Very pretty.  Let's hope it doesn't get a crown for a long time.  These pumpkin shell teeth derive their last bit of strength from the outside in. (That's a Jihyonism)  Just cover the cusps w 2mm of composite.  Which you have done.  

Strip away the outside with a full crown prep and the tooth is Biomechanically dead and now we pray for man made solutions to work.....ugh
So where will his fail?  where is the weakness?  I don't see one.
The contact area is grossly underappreciated in the traditional world.  It's where we put at least half of our focus.
I wonder how many endodontists would take the time and interest to to an endo-restorative Bioclear Hands -on Course? 


Posted:  17/02/2018 07:42
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